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E&S Group is participating in the Malta Blockchain Summit

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E&S Group is participating in the Malta Blockchain Summit

The Intercontinental Malta is hosting the ‘Malta Blockchain Summit’ on the 1st and 2nd November 2018. This will be the second most anticipated event in a span of two months after the successful Delta Summit in October.

During the Malta Blockchain summit, the Maltese government will also be enacting the two remaining laws (VFAA and ITAS) becoming the first jurisdiction with progressive and transparent regulations on the diagonal space.

This event has already attracted many organisers from around the world to exhibit their services, all coming from various industries such as Legal, Corporate, Fintech and Real Estate. Furthermore, many speakers will be discussing Malta’s impact on this ever-growing economy sector.

Karl Schranz, E&S Group director will be participating in an event’s panel discussion titled: “Post ICO: with Millions in the Bank, What’s Next?” that is going to be held on the 2nd of November at 5:30 pm. Other speakers joining this panel are: Benjamin Bilski from the Naga Group, Cyrus Fazel from SwissBorg, David Ben Kay from PundiX Nuno Utrust and Igo Khmel from Bankex.

E&S Group will also have a stand promoting their services to potential clients willing to set up a Maltese company to operate in the DLT area under the Maltese jurisdiction.

If you would like to visit our stand we will be situated in Gold #76 where our staff will guide you through all our ICO Legal, Corporate and Tokenomics services offered.

E&S Group has already advised over 90+ ICOs all benefitting from our tailormade services. If you want to know more about our services drop us an email on [email protected] and our experienced staff will assist you with your quires.

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Four ways to optimise your ICO marketing

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Four ways to optimise your ICO marketing

The ICO industry is currently going through an unprecedented boom which has seen the number of ICOs rise to a level never seen before. Despite the fluctuations of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices, the interest from companies that want to use blockchain technology has not been affected.

This has resulted in a situation where hundreds of ICOs are all jostling for investors attention, meaning there is a whole lot of competition out there if you want to get a slice of the market. Even in the most saturated markets, there are still things you can do to get ahead of the game and your marketing prowess is what will ultimately decide if you get noticed and meet your fundraising objective. Here are four fail-safe techniques you can employ to help you do just that.

Pay attention to data

Data you hold on and about your customers can come in very handy when it comes to really optimise your marketing efforts. First of all, you need to be sure that you are targeting the right people at the right time to ensure that your project sticks in peoples minds. Utilise social media, news portals, adverts, emails, and forums, and you will be able to create a consistent presence that is immune to fashion.

Build a solid community around your project

There are lots of community-based platforms that you can use to create a community around your project- Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, Medium, Disqus, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn are just a few good examples. The most important thing to remember is that you are posting information, news, and striking up a conversation in places where your target audience is hanging out. Be sure to respond to questions and queries as well as just posting content and advertising materials. Remember, the more active your community is, the easier it will be to build trust and get more investors. By engaging with this community in the right way, they will spread the word about your product for you and yield a better response than just advertising alone

Use the best quality marketing materials

This is not a time to cut corners, particularly in an industry that has a bit of a trust problem. From your whitepaper to your logo, ensure that everything that you present to the public is of the absolute highest quality imaginable. If your marketing products look like they were put together overnight by a bunch of amateurs, then the chances are that they will refuse to invest a penny in your idea. From your emails to your website, content to graphics- even one typo could completely destroy any trust in your ICO and set those alarm bells ringing.

Entrust it to the professionals

Whilst it can be tempting to take care of the marketing bits and bobs yourself, unless you are a professional, it is better not to risk it. Hire someone with experience to write your whitepaper, getting a legal team to review your business plan, and ensuring that you are presenting a completely professional image to the public will save you a lot of tears, tantrums and money later on. Involving professionals from an early stage can be the difference between a successful project and a failed one, don’t wait until it is too late.

To find out how E&S Group can help you with every step of your ICO, contact us today by sending us an email on [email protected] or by calling us on +356 2010 3020

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LifeTask token offer is now live!

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LifeTask token offer is now live!

E&S Group is pleased to announce that LifeTask token offer went live!

Today, LifeTask launched its token offer. The aim of this initiative is to become the first decentralised competence platform for a talent-driven job market.

By means of AI (Artificial Intelligence), LifeTask created a P2P platform to help employers to find their suitable candidate and employees to find their perfect job.

E&S Group is pleased to be advising LifeTask, aiding to make their project a reality!

If you would like to acquire LifeTask tokens please visit their website on

If you wish to start off your ICO and don’t know from where to start, contact E&S Group on +356 2010 3020 or by sending an email on [email protected]. You can also visit this link to know more about our services. E&S Group will make things happen!

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$65 million raised by a startup to facilitate crypto trading

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$65 million raised by a startup to facilitate crypto trading

The start of 2018 has been a bit up and down when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Whilst December 2017 saw the value of various altcoins reach stratospheric new heights. By mid-January, all markets had lost a considerable amount of value. Despite this kick in the teeth, this did not do much to deter startups or investors. For example, one such crypto startup, Paxos has recently raised $65 million through various venture capital investors, proving that interest in the market is not slowing down.

Established as a big name

In its relatively short lifespan, Paxos has managed to establish itself as a pretty big name. The company specialises in bringing Bitcoin and other currencies into the mainstream, due in part to the fact they have obtained a trust company charter in the state of New York. This part of the states is not known as a particularly crypto-friendly place due to its BitLicense implementation, making Paxos’ achievement all the more significant.

The company started out as a Bitcoin exchange but since then, many things have changed. The main objective of its current business model, the company is looking to enter the world of crypto by exploring new trading options.

Significant interest from VC firms

This latest venture has attracted significant attention from VC firms and their recent round of fundraising was thanks to the help of RRE Ventures and Liberty City Ventures, amongst others. With this new funding, the company is now able to expand its operations and further develop its crypto exchange operations.

Whilst 2018 may not have so far been the year of Bitcoin, the overall outlook for its performance remain positive. Both consumers and enthusiasts are confident that things will change before the end of the year and the success of their recent funding round seems to support this. Afterall, cryptocurrency trading is still attractive, despite the fact it is still extremely volatile with big losses and gains occurring in equal measure.

This new financial injection means that the pressure is on for Paxos and enhancing and developing their position in the crypto industry will be a bit of a challenge. With regulations being introduced on a global scale, companies will be under pressure to adhere to a whole new set of rules. Whether this will be a hindrance to Paxos, or a benefit, is yet to be seen.


If you have any questions in relation to ICOs, please contact us on [email protected]

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