Malta VAT Advisory


Value Added Tax (VAT) is a complicated and dynamic tax regime. This often presents a serious challenge for businesses. In Principle, VAT is neutral to businesses as it is a tax on the consumer. However, in certain circumstances, there is the possibility that the business is seen as the end consumer. VAT is generally charged, collected and paid to the relevant tax authorities by the Company itself. Consequently, determining the correct VAT treatment of a particular transaction and understanding the local procedures involved are essential to ensure that a company meets its tax compliance obligations.

E&S has extensive knowledge and industry experience, including in the gaming and yachting sectors. Thus we can assist individuals and companies to identify the local VAT implications arising out of their domestic and cross-border transactions. We also handle VAT compliance procedures and administrative responsibilities. Finally, Our services cater for all your VAT-related matters, including:

  1.  Malta VAT registration de-registration.
  2. Communication with the VAT Department.
  3. Timely preparation and submission of periodical VAT returns.
  4. Assistance during tax audit investigations.

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