Malta Ship Registration

Malta has firmly established itself as one of the leading maritime hubs. It is not only renowned  in the Mediterranean, but also on a global stage for its ship registration process.  The services do not stop solely at ship registration. Malta, due to it’s geographical location, offers a wide range of high quality maritime services.

Apart from fiscal advantages, Malta Ship Registry and its flag (commercial vessels and commercial pleasure yachts) have thrived.  This is due to the competitive costs and the efficient procedure of registration of vessels. This is also due to Malta’s internationally recognized, proactive and reputable jurisdiction.  Naturally, Malta’s membership of the European Union gives it a big boost. In fact, the Maltese Ship registry is the biggest in the EU with more than 8,000 ships registered. These ships have a combined gross tonnage of 74 million!

All these elements contribute towards providing certainty and security to owners, operators, managers and financiers alike.

At E&S, we offer more in addition to assisting in all ship registration matters (private as well as commercial in nature). We also provide a long list of complimentary services that branch beyond that of the vessel in question and include the necessary expertise required to setting up of a shipping company or that of a holding company. All these enable us to offer our clients a three hundred and sixty [360o] solution to maximize on that which the Malta has to offer.

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