Company Secretary Malta

All Malta companies must have a Company Secretary. This must be an individual whether  resident in Malta or otherwise. The Company Secretary is the first point of contact between the Company and the Authority and is responsible to ensure Company’s ongoing compliance and timely submissions required in accordance with the local regulations.This makes a Company secretary role purely a compliance and administrative role.

Corporate Governance has become every more important in the last decade. Following the 2008 crisis that was lead by a poor corporate framework, attention on board administration has increased. It was common that the board was mostly composed of retired non executives. Today, Companies cannot get away with this practice anymore. This has also shifted more attention on the role of the company secretary.

Company Secretary Competences

The Company Secretary should not only ensure adherence to  corporate procedures, but also act as an advisor to the board. The person should have knowledge of Maltese Corporate  Legislation and advise the board accordingly. We thus highly recommend an experienced and qualified person carried out such duties. Having said that, there are no minimum qualifications required to act as such.

E&S is able to provide this service through one of its directors or professionals. However this is subject to acceptance by based on the intended activities of the Company.


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