Malta has, over the past decade, become a hub for iGaming companies. Through a solid regulatory regime, as well as Malta’s advantageous gaming tax benefits, Malta has developed a reputation of excellence within the Remote iGaming and Gaming Industry.

There are 4 classes of licenses that can be obtained in Malta. Each of such classes specifically covers the different risk aspects in the Gaming Industry. Applicants would have to satisfy a rigorous due diligence process whereby the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) will ensure that they have the technical know-how as well as the financial ability to embark on such a project.

At E&S, we can assist Online and Land-based Gaming Operators who are interested in applying for such licences with the MGA. Apart from advising and assisting in the licencing process itself, we can also assist in the drafting of required business plans and other related services. Subsequently we can also assist our clients to ensure ongoing compliance with their licence and statutory obligations through Key Official services as well as recommending reliable associates.

As we aim to provide most of the services under one roof, our experts are also equipped and experienced in assisting our clients who wish to expand to UK and Curacao markets. Our experienced iGaming experts will be happy to assist you in obtaining iGaming licenses in UK as well as Curacao upon request.

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