ICO Bank Account

One of the major problems for any organisation planning an ICO is getting a bank account. Naturally, without a bank account, an ICO cannot accept FIAT. Banks are very resistant when it comes to opening up to this new industry. This is mainly driven by the ignorance of banks towards what are the risks of a company running an ICO. We all know that any serious ICO carried out KYC on all their contributors. Banks, like many others, do not understand this and thus prefer not to get into this industry. This in turn is causing problems to the majority of ICOs. While certain transactions can be paid using crypto, FIAT is still a vital part of any business.

Crypto Exchange Bank account opening

This is also valid for Crypto exchanges and other Blockchain businesses. So if you are looking for a bank account for your crypto Exchange, we can assist you. We assist crypto exchanges in getting their bank account open by firstly assisting in tweaking their KYC process. This will ensure that the banks will be comfortable in accepting their business.

E&S Group have partnered with several EU licensed banks to be able to give a ‘Crypto Friendly’ banking solution to our clients. We have spent time with banks. We are explaining the process of an ICO and how seriously our clients take KYC and AML. Throughout this work, we have built a relationship of trust with these banks making us their favourite introducers.

ICO Banking solutions does not limit itself to an operative bank account.  We are also in a position to introduce you to credit card acquirers. These are open to accepting ICOs as well as taking on regular crypto business.

We are thus in a position to introduce you to Crypto friendly banks for your ICO.

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