Malta’s highly regulated environment has earned itself a distinguished reputation among investors and players in the financial services industry.

 Advantages of a Maltese Investment Services License

1. Investor Protection

It is illegal for any person to provide an investment service in or from Malta unless such person is in possession of a valid investment services license.
The power of granting investment services license is the responsibility of the MFSA. The MFSA is in charge of granting an Investment Services license, and may subject the Investment Services License Holder to such conditions, as it may deem appropriate. The conditions which MFSA generally imposes upon an investment services License Holder are reasonable standards of competence, integrity and fair dealing.

2. Low Taxation

Maltese Investment Services License Holders, whose activities are limited to services from Malta but not in Malta (i.e. not advising Maltese individuals) could benefit from Malta’s Imputations System wherein they are subject to a corporate tax of 35% but non-resident shareholders would then benefit from a very attractive tax refund ending up in a final rate of taxation of 5%.

3. Professional Services 

Malta has considerably lower costs in the provision of these services, reduced unnecessary bureaucracy and maintenance of high standards and efficiency.

4. Low Set-up and operational Costs

The costs of obtaining an investment license in Malta and setting up of the corresponding corporate vehicle as well as the running expenses of the Company are reasonable and relatively lower than the same costs in other financial centres in Europe.

5. EU Passporting

A Malta Licensed Investment Services Company is able to operate in any other country member of the European Union either directly or through the establishment of a branch. This is especially attractive for non-EU Investment Service providers who wish to expand their operations in the EU.

Our contribution does not stop at the start-up phase. We are able to assist clients in the day-to-day needs of their structure as well as in their long term strategic planning.

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