Legal Due Dilligence

Our legal team at E&S is regularly involved in a number of cross border and international acquisitions, restructuring or other deals in various industries. When contemplating such transactions, Due Diligence is an essential exercise to identify potential legal risks involved in the transaction.


How can we assist?

Our legal team consists of dedicated professionals who have valuable experience in various industries. These are also assisted by our in-house team of tax and financial experts. The legal due diligence process is not only about collecting the information available on the target entity. It also involves analysing the key documentation of the proposed transaction, its contractual relations, movable and immovable assets as well as intellectual property, employment issues, management contracts and pending litigations. This would establish the following:

Legal Due diligence Process:

Firstly, We will provide you with a reliable and complete background information on the proposed transaction. This will allow you to make informed decision about whether to go forward with the transition or not.

Secondly, you will get a full assessment of the possible legal risk related to the transaction. These include corporate status, assets, contracts, securities, intellectual property and employment contracts of the target company.

Thirdly, you will be able to use the information obtained through the legal due diligence to determine the right amount to pay for the transaction.

Fourthly, the legal due diligence process will help you to identify possible problems that can act as obstacles for closing the transaction.

Lastly, the appropriate transaction documents will contain the information obtained during the legal due diligence process.

E&S will be at your side during the transaction. Also, business-minded lawyers the legal due diligence process. This ensures that there are no hidden drawbacks or traps associated with the proposed transaction.

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