Exit of UK from the European Union has become one of the most popular topics among British expats living, working or retiring in Europe. After the UK invokes Article 50, which provides a set of procedures to withdraw the membership from the EU, UK will have a 2 year period to negotiate new terms replacing the existing membership. The uncertainty of the future outcome of such negotiations triggers consideration of various options for those looking to remain in the EU for one reason or another.


Malta can become your solution and become your EU gateway with regards to the following possible issues which may become an outcome of future negotiations:

  • Losing access to freedom of movement can cause complications and further approvals for those who wish to travel, study, reside or retire within the EU
  • British expats working in the EU may become subject to obtaining further approvals and work visas to remain legally employed
  • UK students coming to Europe to study may lose their eligibility for reduced tuition fees
  • UK citizens holding a property in Europe may become subject to further tax, fees or authorizations
  • Possible inheritance taxes
  • Remittance of funds from the UK banks to Europe, besides being subject to unfavorable exchange rates, may become subject to further charges
  • Retirement of UK citizens in Europe may become subject to further authorizations and guidelines

These are just some of the possible implications which may become a reason for unnecessary worries and complications. Luckily, E&S Group has a solution for you to maintain your existing rights and status through regularizing your residential status in Malta or acquiring a Malta Citizenship through Investment. Our experienced and qualified team will guide and assist you throughout the whole process.

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