Aviation in Malta  

Malta is mostly known for the success of its Maritime Register and Financial Services Sector. Malta, however, is also a highly attractive established jurisdiction for International Aviation. This came through recently engaged favourable legislation changes. Through the enactment of the Aircraft Registration Act 2010,  Malta acceded to the Cape Town Convention. Throughout the years, the regulatory framework has been further strengthened creating an ideal environment for the registration, financing and operation of aircraft in Malta. It’s International Reputation and Stability further contributes towards promoting certainty and security to owners, operators, managers and financiers alike.

This is a quick summary of why Malta is the ideal location for your aviation requirements:
  • Located in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta’s geographic position makes it an ideal strategic aviation hub.
  • An Internationally recognized and reputable jurisdiction, enhanced by Malta’s membership in the European Union.
  • The business and legal language is English.
  • Broad registration possibilities, both in relation to the registration of private as well as commercial aircraft.
  • A creditor-friendly jurisdiction, more so in the light of the implementation of the Cape Town Convention. This allows for effective enforcement of mortgages and other security interests.This thereby instilling confidence in creditors, which in turn facilitates the acquisition and financing of aircraft due to lower borrowing costs.
  • As an aviation hub it offers a wide range of airline services (maintenance, repair, management, amongst other support services).
  • An advantageous tax system.
  • VAT exemptions.
  • An efficient Civil Aviation Directorate, accessible 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.
  • Forming part of the Eurozone eliminates exchange control issues.

At E&S, we can also offer a variety of services in this sector, from aircraft registration and licencing to advisory services relating to aircraft leasing and financing structures. Finally, we can also offer a list of complimenting corporate services that ensure that our clients maximize on all the financial and fiscal benefits that Malta has to offer.

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