Malta Aircraft Registration

Qualification to register aircraft in Malta?

Who qualifies to register an aircraft in Malta depends on whether the use of the aircraft is for commercial air services or for private purposes.

In the case of commercial aircraft, the qualifying registrants are the following:

  1. The Government of Malta;
  2. A citizen of Malta or a citizen of a Member State of the EU / EEA / Switzerland, having a place of residence or business in Malta, the EU / EEA or Switzerland. This includes a person sharing the ownership of an aircraft by means of a community of acquests between such person and the citizen described above;
  3. An undertaking forming and existing according to the Laws of Malta, a Member State of the EU, an EEA State or Switzerland and having its registered office, central administration and place of business within Malta, EU, EEA or Switzerland where the Government of Malta owns and effectively controls not less than not less than 50% of the said undertaking. This holds true also for ownership by any Member State of the EU, or by the above-mentioned persons.

Operators of commercial aircraft engaged in air transport activity must be in possession of an Air Operator Certificate (AOC).

In the case of private aircraft, the qualifying registrants are the following:

A natural person who is a citizen of, or an undertaking established in, a member country of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and any other country approved by the Minister. The registrant must also comply with the following conditions:

  1. It must have the legal capacity to own/operate an aircraft in terms of law and:
  2. Appoint a local resident agent to represent the owner in Malta for matters concerning the registration of the aircraft:
  3. It must comply with applicable regulations/guidelines.
Who is eligible to register an aircraft in Malta?

Furthermore, one may register aircraft in Malta in any one of the following capacities:

  • An owner operating an aircraft;
  • Owner of an aircraft under construction or temporarily not being operated or managed;
  • An operator of an aircraft under a temporary title;
  • A buyer of an aircraft under a conditional sale or title reservation agreement authorised to operate the aircraft;
  • A trustee for the benefit of beneficiaries.
Registration requirements

Finally, the necessary documentation required to commence the registration process includes the following:

  1. – Duly filled in application form;
  2. – Bill of sale of aircraft;
  3. – Evidence of title of engines;
  4. – Documents evidencing ownership of the aircraft;
  5. – If it is a leased aircraft, then provide the lease agreement together with all related documents;
  6. – Documents proving qualifications of the registrant to register the aircraft;
  7. – De-registration certificates if the aircraft is registered elsewhere;
  8. – Details of any mortgages registered on the aircraft and supporting documentation


If all the requirements are met and all documentation sent to the Director General of the Civil Aviation Directorate, the Director General shall issue a Certificate of Registration in favour of the registrant.

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