Some regulatory changes of a Malta Gaming Act are just around the corner, and the consultation is currently open to the industry players. On the 12th July 2017, the Malta Gaming Authority (“MGA”) has published a white paper which aims to overhaul the regulatory regime for gaming in Malta.

We prepared for you a short summary of what changes are proposed in the current working paper. If you currently hold an MGA Class 4 licence or are in the application process for one, the below is designed specially for you!

Class 4 license will be replaced with the MGA B2B license automatically for those operators who already hold the license. Here is the comparison of the current situation and proposed changes in terms of costs and fees payable to the Regulator for a B2B license.





Current Proposed
Application Fee € 2,330 € 5,000
License validity 5 years 10 years
License renewal € 1,500 (payable before the lapse of the 5th year) € 5,000 (payable before the lapse of the 10th year)





Current Proposed
Annual Fee € 8,500 No annual fee
Gaming Tax [€ 4,600 per month]


Depends on revenue bracket

Annual revenue up to €5,000,000 – € 25,000

Annual revenue between €5,000,001 and € 10,000,000 – €30,000

Annual Revenue over €10,000,000 – € 35,000

TOTAL ANNUAL LICENSE COST € 63,500 Maximum – € 35,000


As the White Paper is still in the stage of a consultation, the changes brought to your attention are not final, and not all of them might be enforced. Nevertheless we work hard to keep you updated and aware of how the overhaul might influence your business activity in the future. Contact us today on +356 20103020 or by mail at [email protected] to discuss possible opportunities which may arise after the changes are enforced. Our team is well-equipped and experienced and will be happy to advise you on legal, gaming, corporate and tax matters to ensure efficiency and optimization of your business activity!