The new Malta Residence and Visa Programme  ( L.N. 189  of 2017 ) criteria were published in the Government Gazette of Malta No. 19,821 dated  04-Jul-2017. These amendments will come into force as with immediate effect and are not a substitute of L.N. 288 of 2015.

A summary of the key salient changes:-

  • The thirty thousand euro (€ 30,000) contribution fee now covers the Main Applicant, spouse, and the children of the Main Applicant  and/or the Spouse at application stage.


  • Introduction of an additional five thousand euro (€5,000) contribution, non-refundable per parent or grandparent of the main applicant or of the spouse at application stage.


  • Removal of the 27 years of age capping for the children of the main applicant and/or the spouse ( this means that children over the age of 27 at the time of application can be included, and that children do not lose the residency rights on their 27th birthday).


  • Removal of the requirement for the Main Applicant and his/her dependants to  spend outside of Malta a period that exceeds either six consecutive months or an aggregate period of ten months at any four year period from the appointed day.


  • Main Applicant and his/her dependants will become eligible to apply for Long Term Residence subject to the respective requirements being satisfied.


  • Approved children of the Main Applicant and/or the Spouse will retain residency rights as long they are not economically active and/or married at application stage. 

 The option for the Main Applicant, to apply against a non-refundable supplementary administration fee of five thousand euro non-refundable (€ 5,000) per person  , to include on the Main Beneficiary certificate (subject to a successful due diligence check) :


  • The spouse of a previously approved dependent child of the Main Applicant and/or the spouse


  • The child, born or adopted after the approval date, of a previously approved dependent child of the Main Applicant and/or the spouse, or of the previously approved dependant child’s spouse.


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