Malta is considered to be one of the leading destinations of choice for expatriates seeking a home. Among other things, the country offers a highly desirable and vibrant lifestyle, superb climate, great healthcare, a society that is easy to integrate into, is politically and economically stable and is tax efficient.

  1. The first reslut was the Global Residence Programme, aimed at non-EU nationals, allowing them to live and stay in Malta and move freely within Schengen.
  2. Another successful and attractive programme is the Malta Retirement Programme, which is effectively aimed at retirees from the EU, the European Economic Area and Swizerland who want to take up residence in Malta.
  3. Beneficaries under this programme also pay tax at a flat rate 15 per cent and take advantage of Malta’s vast tax treaty network.
  4. Malta does not charge tax on worldwide income that is not received in Malta by those who are not domiciled in Malta. Malta also does not charge tax on capital gains realised outside the country.