Malta’s Prime Minister had recently discussed further opportunities in connection to Malta’s current Citizenship through Investment Program. Having attended and spoken at two biggest Citizenship conferences in the last month to promote the Program, the Prime Mister had announced that the scheme would become more exclusive in terms of eligibility of applicants.


PM Joseph Muscat also pointed out, that the Program’s intention was not and is not to raise funds, and therefore Malta has one of the most demanding due diligence process to confirm eligibility of the applicants to obtain access to benefits Malta Citizenship may open up.


Furthermore, Malta is one of the first countries to start working on development and implementation of regulations applicable to cryptocurrencies and blockchain to effectively control and regulate the new upcoming industry. Prime Minister also mentioned blockchain as one of the possible ways to collaborate with other countries offering Citizenship through investment to share best practices used for due diligence process for such programs:


“Malta will be the first EU member state to have a blockchain strategy and among the first countries in the world to regulate exchanges for cryptocurrencies”