The aim of the Investment Registration Scheme 2014 is to provide individuals and companies resident in Malta with the opportunity to regularize their position under the Income Tax Act in respect of their holdings of eligible assets which were derived from income that had not been duly declared to the tax authorities.

The Investment Registration Scheme applies to the following eligible assets that were held on the 4th November 2013 and are still held on registration date. Registration shall also apply to those eligible assets which were held on the 4th November 2013 and were switched into other eligable assets before registration date.

Eligible assets which are held by a fiduciary on behalf of or at the request of the applicant may also be registered under the scheme.

The scheme is subject to a one-time fee of:

  • Immovable property: 7.5% on the original cost on the date of purchase.
  • All other eligible assets: 7.5% of the current market value or the origional cost, whichever is the highest.
  • In respect of eligible assets which are held abroad, the applicant has the option of repatriating these assets to Malta. If the applicant opts to register and to repatriate the eligible assets, the aplicable registration fee will be 5% instead of 7.5%.