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Moontec2018 – Cold but Friendly

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Moontec2018 – Cold but Friendly

The Nordic Blockchain Conference Moontec 2018 took place in the Estonian capital on 26-27th of November. This year the Tallinn Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel) hosted the event, which attracted about 400 participants from the Baltic States, Russia, Central Europe and the US.

Moontec 2018 was made remarkable thanks to the high-quality speeches delivered by the representatives of large institutions, big companies and international agencies such as Maersk, Lloyd’s Register, DataDash, OKEx, Blockchain Innovation Hub at RMIT University, Microsoft, e-Residency, IBM, and Interpol amongst others. The speakers attracted attendees’ attention by providing informative data and real use-cases on two parallel-running stages covering topics such as the Next Generation of Intelligent Systems, the future of National States in the 21st Century, how cryptocurrencies are disrupting and liberating emerging markets, how Maersk + IBM are digitising global trade with blockchain technology, cryptocurrency related crimes and investigation challenges, Blockchain for Food: Hype or Hope, and many more.

Estonia is perceived as a crypto friendly country for both ICO and digital start-ups among the crypto community due to a relatively simple procedure with regards to company registration and obtaining crypto licenses. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs consistently face issues when opening bank accounts, hiring qualified employees and being fully secure when conducting an STO in this northern country. The Estonian legal framework is designed according to a sand-box model and ideally suits the needs of the operational ICO with the utility tokens.

It was also noted that several blockchain-based companies are looking for the opportunity to relocate their headquarters to Malta and incorporate the company on the Island. The E&S team took part in the event and witnessed a huge interest in Malta. We also had an opportunity to discuss the legal peculiarities of Estonian framework with Estonian colleges, visit the Ülemiste City technology campus and find new partners.

New jurisdictions are arising, regulation is getting more sustainable and the digital industry itself is maturing in 2018! Contact us today by sending an email on [email protected] to find out more about the ICO-related services we provide.


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Blockchain Leadership Summit – Made for Industry Leaders

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Blockchain Leadership Summit – Made for Industry Leaders


The Blockchain Leadership Summit, organised by InnMind took place in the Congress Centre Basel, Switzerland on 23-24 November 2018. This large-scale event traditionally focuses on bringing the brightest minds within developing industries together with politicians, businessmen and large institutions.

The most promising projects are selected beforehand by the organising committee, and are offered the opportunity to meet and communicate directly with the investors and professional advisors, as well as to pitch their business models in front of a jury and a broad audience. The best startup team was selected by a professional panel of judges as well as summit participants, and won a roadshow experience around Switzerland. Voting was carried out on the blockchain in the real-time mode during the second day of the event.

Much attention was paid to academic programs regarding digital economy implementation and the keeping and verification of the academic records and personal documentation. One of the use-cases from the University of Basel was applied to the issuing of the attendance certificates on blockchain on the spot.

The attendees had a chance to learn from the actual cases of digital technology implementation currently in operation within large corporations, such as PwC, IBM, Bosch, Novartis and others. The representative of top enterprises shared their experiences regarding the increase of business process efficiency, money flow improvement and security costs reduction.

One of the distinctive features of the Leadership Summit was the presence of the state authorities at the event. This Summit edition was marked by the participation of the politicians from Malta, Liechtenstein, Finland, Switzerland, Russia, Armenia, and Kazakhstan in the discussions.

The Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, was speaking at the panel discussion “Blockchain Adoption at Government Level”, as well as H.E. the Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, Chairman of Industrie-und Finanzkontor Ets. Vaduz, and Geo-political Intelligence Services; Esko Aho, former Prime Minister of Finland, visiting professor at Sciences Po, Paris; Sergey Gorkov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation; and Eric Jakob, Ambassador, Board Member, Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research EAER in Switzerland.

The speech of the Prime Minister of Malta regarding the sustainable regulatory framework of the country towards DLT technology was welcomed with lots of enthusiasm. Crypto world influencers call Malta one of the best jurisdictions for serious long-term projects, leaving Estonia and Switzerland behind.

The E&S team experienced 2 days full of active networking and valuable experience sharing. The market is entering the period of stabilisation and Malta is securing its place in the industry. To find out more about launching an ICO in Malta, please contact E&S Group by sending us an email on [email protected].

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The Blockchain Industry Needs 3 things: pioneers, mass adoption and E&S Group

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The Blockchain Industry Needs 3 things: pioneers, mass adoption and E&S Group

The biggest event of the year, Malta Blockchain Summit, lived up to its expectations with an incredible 8,500 turnout. The Summit was full of highlights, with interviews from Sophia the robot, to entertaining discussions from blockchain evangelist, John McAfee.

Attendees had an opportunity to visit the vivid exhibition with more than 400 companies represented, enjoyed the keynotes of the conference, witnessed the hackathon and attended workshops on investment, marketing, business development and many other topics.

The presence of media and PR agencies representatives on the exhibition and during public speeches provided the companies and individuals with the decent level of publicity. E&S Group directors were interviewed several times during the event being asked numerous questions on the DLT industry development in Malta, legal framework of the country and the firm`s tokenized services.

E&S Group successfully conducted an ICO in February 2018 and issued ESTS utility tokens, that can be exchanged on the legal services and consultancy the company provides. ESTS tokens were also given out during the Malta Blockchain Summit. On Friday afternoon, there was a draw of 500,000 ESTS tokens for those people who had signed up to the services.

The networking opportunities at the Malta Blockchain Summit were second-to-none. Every night there were a lot of dinners, parties, meet-ups and meetings organised despite the evening events scheduled in an official program of the summit.

E&S Group hosted an exclusive after-party which occurred on the last day of The Malta Blockchain Summit, 2nd of November. More than 300 partners, clients and industry influencers got the invitation and joined us that night. The high level of the event organization and the hospitable atmosphere didn’t leave the guests indifferent. The company received numerous positive feedbacks from the attendees, such as:

“Thanks for a great evening! What a great way to round out the conference” – David Doepel, Media & Blockchain Entrepreneur and Researcher, said.

“Well done Christian and Karl for your party with a touch of class. Very impressed with the high calibre of global clients and contacts you have. Keep it up!” –  commented Ralph Liu, Investment Banker and Venture Investor.

According to the opinion of Martin Glettler, Executive Director PayMagnet Technologies Ltd, “the blockchain industry needs three things: pioneers, mass adoption and E&S”.

Living in a truly transformative age, companies need to act quickly and rationally to changes, with a special focus on the areas in which its competence will stand out against strong international competition.

E&S Group follows the industry trends and has already advised over 90+ ICOs. If you want to know more about our services please contact us at [email protected].


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