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The Blockchain Industry Needs 3 things: pioneers, mass adoption and E&S Group

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The Blockchain Industry Needs 3 things: pioneers, mass adoption and E&S Group

The biggest event of the year, Malta Blockchain Summit, lived up to its expectations with an incredible 8,500 turnout. The Summit was full of highlights, with interviews from Sophia the robot, to entertaining discussions from blockchain evangelist, John McAfee.

Attendees had an opportunity to visit the vivid exhibition with more than 400 companies represented, enjoyed the keynotes of the conference, witnessed the hackathon and attended workshops on investment, marketing, business development and many other topics.

The presence of media and PR agencies representatives on the exhibition and during public speeches provided the companies and individuals with the decent level of publicity. E&S Group directors were interviewed several times during the event being asked numerous questions on the DLT industry development in Malta, legal framework of the country and the firm`s tokenized services.

E&S Group successfully conducted an ICO in February 2018 and issued ESTS utility tokens, that can be exchanged on the legal services and consultancy the company provides. ESTS tokens were also given out during the Malta Blockchain Summit. On Friday afternoon, there was a draw of 500,000 ESTS tokens for those people who had signed up to the services.

The networking opportunities at the Malta Blockchain Summit were second-to-none. Every night there were a lot of dinners, parties, meet-ups and meetings organised despite the evening events scheduled in an official program of the summit.

E&S Group hosted an exclusive after-party which occurred on the last day of The Malta Blockchain Summit, 2nd of November. More than 300 partners, clients and industry influencers got the invitation and joined us that night. The high level of the event organization and the hospitable atmosphere didn’t leave the guests indifferent. The company received numerous positive feedbacks from the attendees, such as:

“Thanks for a great evening! What a great way to round out the conference” – David Doepel, Media & Blockchain Entrepreneur and Researcher, said.

“Well done Christian and Karl for your party with a touch of class. Very impressed with the high calibre of global clients and contacts you have. Keep it up!” –  commented Ralph Liu, Investment Banker and Venture Investor.

According to the opinion of Martin Glettler, Executive Director PayMagnet Technologies Ltd, “the blockchain industry needs three things: pioneers, mass adoption and E&S”.

Living in a truly transformative age, companies need to act quickly and rationally to changes, with a special focus on the areas in which its competence will stand out against strong international competition.

E&S Group follows the industry trends and has already advised over 90+ ICOs. If you want to know more about our services please contact us at [email protected].


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ESTS Initiative announces the winner of September’s NEO Seed Competition

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ESTS Initiative announces the winner of September’s NEO Seed Competition

In September, ESTS Initiative launched a competition targeting start-ups operating their ICOs on the NEO platform. A good turnout of companies showed interest to participate in this competition, to get the chance to win E&S Group tailor-made ICO legal services. Participated companies that showed an interest to benefit from Malta’s progressive laws towards blockchain-based crowdfunding campaigns.

NEO Seed Competition Winner

The crowned winner of September’s NEO seeding competition is the Spotcoin project from Tbilisi, Georgia, which began its public sale on Monday, 22nd October 2018. The aim of this project is to make digital currencies work by means of a direct access and simple liquidity. Initially, their business started as an over-the-counter clearing house in Georgia. Their main function was to facilitate movement of both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. When the enterprise started to grow, they expanded into a multifaceted powerhouse, focusing more on mining operations and education. Since their business has taken a positive turn, the team came up with the idea of launching an ICO to be able to get more funding for their project. In turn, they built an automated digital currency exchange in Georgia giving access to the smart economy to everyone living in the Black Sea region.

If you are looking to set up an ICO project in Malta, E&S Group is the perfect corporate and legal firm to offer you a guided assistance to raise funds for your project implementation. At E&S Group we provide ICO Legal Services, Tokenomics and step-by-step procedure to set up your company in Malta. If you are interested to get a quote please send us an email on [email protected]. ‘We make things happen!’

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What is NEO and why is it gaining traction?

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What is NEO and why is it gaining traction?

The Blockchain technology is overtaking the world by storm. More companies are shifting their business into the world of blockchain, most notably financial services, governments, healthcare and media.

Blockchain is a system of agreements working on encryption. A stream of computer nodes is connected to a common blockchain. They verify transactions until the last node is confirmed and completed. Once a transaction is processed it cannot be changed, deleted or manipulated.

Insight on the NEO platform.

The NEO platform was developed by a Shanghai-based blockchain R&D company called “OnChain”. They created a platform which is widely associated with Ethereum. On the NEO website, the platform is described as “non-profit community-based blockchain project that utilizes blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets, to automate the management of digital assets using smart contracts, and to realize a “smart economy” with a distributed network.”

The NEO platform works by smart contracts. These digital contracts follow specific-instruction which are programmed to the platform in a written code by programmers. Its role is to self-execute the contract given to it when certain conditions are made.

NEO is said to be similar to Ethereum. However, NEO’s space supports many different code bases, namely; C#, VB.Net, F#, Java, Kotlin to name a few. While on the other hand, Ethereum has its tailor-made proprietary language named Solidity. Every developer working on the Ethereum platform needs to get acquainted with this digital language before developing their projects on this platform.

The advantages that NEO has for developers is that it is easy to work on, and developers do not need to learn a totally new language to create their blockchain on the platform. NEO is easy to use in order for one to create new projects which include smart contracts.

What will the future of NEO be? Will it overtake Ethereum? Only time will tell what will happen to these two competing blockchains.

Care to win free ICO legal and Tokenomics advisory services. Click here to learn more!

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NEO seeding Competition

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NEO seeding Competition

Are you an operating ICO using the NEO platform? Do you want to operate your ICO project in a friendly jurisdiction which supports blockchain based businesses?

In this month of September, ESTS has launched a competition on NEO where you can be the winner of a fantastic prize; professional legal and advisory services offered by E&S Group.

Please follow these steps to participate:

  1. Submit a post on any of our social media platforms – FacebookLinkedInTwitter asking to be added to the NEO SEED COMPETITION
  1. Send an email to [email protected] describing your project and why the community should select your project (max. 350 words). Include links to your website and other important links.
  2. 1st day of Public Pre-Token Sale must accept only  ESTS Tokens.


The lucky winner will receive the following services for FREE:

  1. Get legal services on your virtual project.
  2. Tokenomics services.
  3. ESTS Certificate of Excellence
  4. Exposure to ESTS community on all of our social media.

Access to our network of private token buyers (high net worth individuals).

Want to learn more about the benefits of NEO, click here to find out more.

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ESTS tokens can now be bought and exchanged on the crypto exchange platform LATOKEN!

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ESTS tokens can now be bought and exchanged on the crypto exchange platform LATOKEN!

Since July 13th, ESTS Initiative listed its ESTS tokens on the crypto exchange company, LATOKEN. Now investors can easily purchase ESTS tokens through the LATOKEN platform.


Who is ESTS Initiative?

ESTS Initiative which stands for E&S Tokenised Services is an ICO which offers Legal, Corporate and Business advisory. This multi-disciplinary firm has over 10 years’ experience in the legal and financial industry. Over the past year, it started to pave its way into the DLT, blockchain and ICO sector. It has already advised over 80 ICOs helping them launch their projects successfully in accordance with Maltese law.

Why choose ESTS?

Since DLT platforms are gaining momentum with more esteemed companies shifting their operations on this decentralised technology, many investors and clients are aware of this technology. Being set on the island of Malta, ESTS follows the set regulations passed by the Maltese parliament. In fact, Malta is being widely dubbed as the ‘Blockchain Island’, many DLT businesses have shifted their operations on this jurisdiction. On July 4th 2018, the Maltese government maintained its progressive stance by successfully passing three regulations.

ESTS became a world’s first firm to tokenise its services to its clients’. Our esteemed clients will benefit from a plethora of services in Corporate, Legal, Accounting, Trusts and ICO Legal services. Through this platform, it will provide a perfect harmony to those who wish to pay in ESTS tokens.


What is in it for YOU?

Our services are designed to achieve a good ICO rating and a successful project. Our legal services cover various aspects in relation to an ICO following the Maltese law. Services offered by ESTS are the following:

  1. Review and analysing of white paper from a legal perspective;
  2. Analysing the token designed, checking if it is a utility token or a security token;
  3. Drafting of Private Token placement document/ agreement;
  4. Drafting of Token Offer document/ agreement;
  5. Drafting of T&Cs;
  6. Drafting of Risks of Token acquirer;
  7. Drafting of Private Policy;
  8. Disclaimer for the website;
  9. KYC guidelines.

ESTS also offers Tokenomics services, which is part of our financial advisory services. In order to achieve a perfect token design our team will assist to identify the following:

  1. Token Price;
  2. Token Quality;
  3. Token Distribution;
  4. Soft/Hard Cap.

Last but not least, in order for an ICO to operate in Malta, it has to open up a Maltese company. ESTS Initiative offer this service for ICO to obtain a limited liability company in Malta. During this process, our company provides a full KYC solution to contributors participating in the ICO.


Certificate of Excellence

As part of our services, ESTS Initiative offers an ICO Certification of Excellence to ICO promoters who will be launching their ICO projects. This process will be in accordance with due diligence on promoters, legal soundness, financial viability and a full technical audit to ICOs.


ESTS Seeding competition


A competition will be launched every 6 months to help start-ups to launch their project ICO. Through this competition, ESTS Initiative will be looking for interesting ICO projects that will help will be then voted for and the winning project will receive the lesser of 750,000 ESTS equivalent to USD 2.5 million. ICOs participating in this competition will have to adhere to the T&C that the competition entails.






Why buy and trade ESTS tokens?


Now that you found out what ESTS Initiative is about you can now trade your ESTS tokens on LATOKEN. You not only can buy tokens but can use them for your ICO project that you are about to launch! ESTS token is being traded against Ethereum and LATOKEN currencies.

You should consider to buy and trade ESTS tokens so that you can benefit from our services. Since we have tokenised our services, ESTS services accept ESTS tokens to buy our services offered within the firm.




LATOKEN crypto exchange and how to buy and trade ESTS Tokens

LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange which focuses on liquidity for new tokens. This crypto exchange platform has already been listed as CoinMarketCap’s Top 50 by trading volume. Its successes are noted as trading more then 70+ crypto pairs, has more than 70,000 active traders, has a low trading and withdrawal fees and it weekly pairs new trading. LATOKEN enables its users to participate in selected token sales when they are at pre-sale and also crowdsale stages.

ESTS has opened its deposits on the LATOKEN, trading of ESTS tokens will open after.

Buy ESTS Tokens Now!

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Is blockchain technology vital for ICOs to function?

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Is blockchain technology vital for ICOs to function?

Every Initial Coin Offering (ICO) works by means of blockchain technology. Subsequently, blockchain is the source that issue tokens, trade cryptocurrencies and aid miners to operate the platform. This technology is combining many industries both private and public to use this advanced system of collecting data.

ICOs and Tokens

Although blockchain can function on its own, it is widely used by ICOs. Many companies and startups are moving towards a blockchain era of things. A surge of investors are spending their money on various projects and digital currencies that are exceeding the market cap by trading volume. However, most ICOs issue their cryptocurrency by means of tokens. In reality, ICOs are projects that are designed by founders offering a service to their followers. Most companies opt for a blockchain based ICO to remove any third parties. Money needed to start off the project is collected by means of crowdfunding. Tokens, another word for cryptocurrencies are issued to whoever funds and supports the initiative.

What will happen when ICOs reach their Soft cap and Hard Cap?

During the Virtual Financial Assets (VFA)  offering stage, ICOs invest in their marketing projects to attract more investors. During the VFA offering process, ICOs would need to reach their soft cap and then the estimated hard cap. When the VFA offering ends, every ICO takes a different path. Some of the currencies end up on the market cap, trading their tokens with other cryptocurrencies while others continue with their intended project.

Blockchain a decentralised platform.

Blockchain is a decentralised platform for storing data. This new technology is becoming an important platform for processing transactions. Every transaction is verified by means of computer nodes connected to each other. Besides Bitcoin, new blockchain based cryptocurrencies started to take over the market. One of the most popular blockchain platform by far is the Ethereum platform. Created by Vitalik Buterin, the Ethereum platform has become the ideal platform since it is easy to set up. The Ethereum platform works via smart contracts. These digitalised contracts work to facilitate, verify or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Meanwhile, these contracts eliminate the use of third parties. The majority of ICOs tend to use the Ethereum platform for smart contracts.

Legal advice to ICOs.

Despite the fact that ICOs require blockchain technology to work, legal advice is of the utmost importance. Signing up your ICO in a progressive jurisdiction such as Malta would help the project reach its final stages. An interdisciplinary firm based in Malta, E&S Group, offers an array of services assisting ICOs from their concept stage up the actual offering. Advisory service offered to prospective ICO clients are blockchain, tokenomics, taxation, and opening a Malta company, to name a few. To date, E&S Group has successfully advised over 40 ICOs, all reaching their hard cap.

Now is the chance to set up your dream ICO project in Malta. E&S Group will help you achieve your dream. For further information regarding our ICO Legal Service please click here.  Or contact us on +356 2010 302  or by email on [email protected]

If you have an upcoming ICO and would like to take part in ESTS Seed Competition, please follow this link to know what is required of you to participate.

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