RefToken has launched the pre-sale of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on 2nd October, 2017 with E&S Group as one of its strategic partners. Furthermore, Dr Christian Ellul, one of E&S Group’s Directors, has joined RefToken’s Team as its Legal and Compliance Officer.

RefToken aims to become the world’s first decentralized affiliate platform based on smart contracts and the blockchain concept. The platform will provide opportunity for developers of blockchain-based apps to connect with investors, marketers, brands and other main stakeholders in order for the projects to receive the necessary funding to come to live and go mainstream. Such relationship will be built using latest technology- smart contracts and blockchain, which would allow for the parties to connect without further intermediaries hence allowing efficient and timely execution, while ensuring legitimacy and reliability of such relationships. Furthermore, through use of smart contracts instant and secure transactions will be possible, eliminating the possibility of fraud by any of the involved parties.

While the pre-sale will end on 17th October 2017, the ICO will run from 17th November until 17th December 2017 and the auction will be governed by a smart contract whose code will be open for public review.

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