Blockchain Malta – MSE

With technological innovation and growing demand for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, businesses as well as relevant authorities have to establish procedures and regulations to ensure that interests of the involved stakeholders are protected.  Blockchain is now  an everyday buzzword. Blockchain is an efficient and secure method of recording and confirming transactions where participants hold complete records of transactions through peer to peer verification, without the need for a central clearing house, which simplifies the overall process, speeds it up and decreases associated possible costs. Its potential uses are immeasurable and could change the way business, as we know it, is done.

Countries are working on developing a way to properly and officially integrate  Blockchain into everyday way businesses and Authorities operate, but it is, of course a complicated process which needs to address a number of potential issues, as well as ensure that all the parties’ interests are protected.  Malta is currently on the forefront of the development of Blockchain and use of cryptocurrencies.   The strategy being implemented by Malta is to ensure  protection for investors, while at the same time being efficiently and transparently regulated.

The Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) has sensed the potential and has created a Blockchain Committee almost a year ago. This committee put Industry experts and leading consultants to identify ways in which the exchange could benefit from the use of Blockchain as well as exploit the opportunities arising from cryptocurrencies.  They now seem to be taking it to the next step by issuing a tender in the near future to evaluate whether Blockchain technology would be  suitable for its operations. Joe Portelli, Malta Stock Exchange Chairman, commented, that MSE  has “every intention of being one of the first exchanges in the world” to adopt it.  The MSE would also soon be listing institutional products like asset-backed securities, which would help the Exchange to compete with the Luxembourg and Irish jurisdictions, he said. By the end of 2018, the forecast is that the listing platform would contain about 20 companies, against today’s 5.

Malta at the forefront of Blockchain implementation.

This is further proof of Malta’s intention to develop efficient and effective  systems, regulations and procedures to ensure that the country moves forward together with the technological development rather than against it. Yet another reason for entrepreneurs and businesses to consider Malta as their destination of choice.

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