The World has evolved drastically in the past decades.  Today’s fast pace way of doing business means you can struggle to keep up with all the changes. More so with the changes in regulation that occur. This means knowledge has become one of the primary tools required to successfully drive your business forward. With our multi-disciplinary team, we at E&S Group offer consultancy on an array of business deals in Malta and beyond,  ranging from plain vanilla deals, usually involving Malta Companies to complex corporate Structures in and our of Malta.

Tax advisory is core to the services we provide. Being it Malta or international tax, we have the expertise to provide tailored solutions.

However, at E&S we are able to advise clients on variety of other services.

Throughout the years, we have advised on the legal due diligence side of a transaction. This is important both from a buy side and a sell side prospective.

Due Diligence and Anti Money Laundering Procedures have taken on a central role for anyone who does business. We have built up significant expertise in this area.

Risk Management has a vital role in the success of a business. We will look at your company from risk perspective and advise with way to mitigate these.

E&S also offer Strategic Advisory Services. We can provide you with the tools and business intelligence. This will enable you to take swift business decisions and thus gain a competitive advantage.

List of Consultancy Services offered by E&S:

Feel free to contact us directly on +356 20103020 or by mail at [email protected]. Find out how E&S can help you in ‘making things happen’.