Malta Company Incorporation

At E&S, we provide specialist Malta Company formation services to corporate or individuals planning to register a company in Malta. We are therefore able to offer quick and cost effective company formation solutions in Malta.

Taxation of a Malta Company

Malta is, above all, a tax efficient jurisdiction for holding and trading companies. Furthermore, the UBOs of Trading Companies in Malta can benefit from effective tax rates of as little as 5%, while those of Maltese Holding Companies could effectively achieve tax neutrality.

Process of Setting up A Company in Malta

In Malta, Company formation expenses  are relatively low. This thus makes Malta a cost effective jurisdiction, not only for large corporations’ tax planning, but also for small and medium sized businesses.

Also, setting up a Company in Malta is relatively straight forward.  This is due to the fact that Malta, as a jurisdiction that is geared up to attract business, has one of the most efficient Company Incorporation processes in the EU.

Formation of a Malta Company
  • Malta company formation procedure takes approximately 48 hours.
  • You can also reserve Malta company name may be done for a period of 3 months.
  • Whilst setting up a Malta company abbreviations are required, being either of the following: “Ltd”,”Limited” or “Plc” according to the type of company.
  • Notably a Malta company must have at least one director and one company secretary .

Following the incorporation of a Malta Company, we could assist you in all other services you might require for your Company in Malta:

  • Malta Company Management
  • Back Office Services
  • Banking Solutions
  • Licensing
  • Fiduciary Services
Malta Company Benefits:
  • The Holdings of a Malta Company, that satisfy certain criteria,  are tax exempt.
  • There are also no withholding taxes, stamp duties or other restrictions  on distributions of profits from a Malta company to non-resident shareholders.
  • A company may conduct its business internationally by only making little changes through a Malta company.
  • A registered Malta company is still considered resident in Malta even if the business or ownership is carried out overseas.
  • Malta companies may hold funds in banks outside Malta

We are able to assist in the setting up of various entities in Malta:

  • Malta Trading Company
  • Malta Holding Company
  • Gaming Company in Malta
  • Malta Shipping Company
  • Malta Financial Services Company
  • Trusts
  • Funds
  • Maltese Partnerships

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