Malta has become a business, financial services and iGaming hub over the past years. The reason many opt for structuring their business in or through Malta is due to numerous benefits Malta has to offer. Besides its central location, stable economical and political system, English is the official language to conduct business in. Also a favourable taxation system, as well as efficient and business friendly Authorities add to Malta’s Attractiveness. Moreover, companies seeking expansion can also benefit from international potential Malta offers.

Forming a Malta company opens up a lot of new opportunities and offers many advantages.


The Advantages of Conducting business through a  Malta Company

  • Corporate Tax Participation Exemption: Corporate tax rate on Malta is 35%, up to 6/7th of which may be refunded after distribution of dividends. Furthermore,  Malta holding companies enjoy a full participation exemption. This means that all the dividends from the subsidiaries of a Malta holding company are not taxable.
  • Royalties:  Reduced rate as far as all the rules for the IP holding company are satisfied.
  • International and qualified talent: There are various residency programs designed specifically to attract Highly Qualified expats. These can not only benefit from obtaining a residency in one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Malta also enjoys a  favorable tax system.
  • Business friendly and efficient Authorities: Constant development and improvement of the efficiency  of local regulations allow execution of  deals and transactions more effectively.

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