Process of Setting up A Company in Malta

Company formation expenses are relatively low in Malta. Thus, making Malta a cost-effective jurisdiction. This does not only apply for large corporations’ tax planning, but also for small and medium-sized businesses.

Also, setting up a Company in Malta is straightforward.  This is due to the fact that Malta wants, as a jurisdiction, to attract business. Thus, Malta has one of the most efficient Company Incorporation processes in the EU.

Malta Company Benefits:

  • The Holdings of a Malta Company, that meet certain specifications, are tax exempt.
  • You can achieve an effective tax rate on trading profits of 5%
  • There are also no withholding taxes, stamp duties or other restrictions on distributions of profits from a Malta company to non-resident shareholders.
  • Malta is an EU Country and enjoys all the benefits and protections of it.
  • Also, a company may conduct its business internationally by only making little changes through a Malta company.
  • English is an official language spoken in Malta.
  • A registered Malta company is still considered resident in Malta even if the business or ownership happens overseas.
  • No Maltese Nationals or residents needed to set up a Malta Company.
  • Malta companies may hold funds in banks outside Malta.

Why set up your Malta Company with E&S Group?

Choosing someone to set up and manage your company in Malta is not an easy task. You need a knowledgeable team but also someone you can trust. We would like to think we offer both. Whilst most other firms are either made up of accountants or lawyers, we are strong in both fields. This gives you comfort that we will manage all aspects of your Malta Company Setup and maintenance.  This is what we do. Our speciality is the setting up and assisting clients maintain their Malta Company. Also, size does matter. We are the right size to be able to have all specialisations required yet not make you just another number. You will have immediate access to high level staff.

Are you thus ready to proceed? Contact us on +356 20103020 or by email at [email protected].