Private Banking

At E&S, we strive to maximize our clients’ potential by assisting them in all aspects of their business. We can assist our clients with choosing the most suitable and efficient solution with regards to private banking. Having established outstanding working relations with banks in Malta, as well as our knowledge and expertise of the financial environment, we are well-equipped and experienced to guide and assist our clients with opening bank accounts in Malta.


We can advise with regards to preparation of KYC documentation and other related forms in order to ensure positive outcome. We liaise with the bank throughout the process. This will ensure that information we provide is concise and in a timely. The effect of this would be a reduction in time taken to open an account. Banks in Malta offer flexible solutions in accordance to the clients’ need. They offer bank accounts and credit/debit cards in various currencies, attractive interest rates and no exchange control regulations.

Furthermore, we aim to ensure that our clients can receive all the services under one roof. We have thus built a wide network of reliable and reputable partners around the world. Should you require our assistance with opening a bank account in an alternative jurisdiction, we are in a position to guide you accordingly.

Having built a variety of contacts in most industries, we are able to introduce clients to various banking options. Chosing a bank that suits the client accordance to their lifestyle and other relevant requirements, tailored to the specifics of their banking needs.

Contact us on +356 20103020 or by mail at [email protected] to find out how E&S can help you in ‘making things happen’.