Payroll services – Malta

Payroll has taken a pivotal role for companies who are serious about talent acquisition and maintenance. This is primarily due to more complex salary packages as well as more burdensome legal requirements.  Furthermore, Malta Companies  should keep and maintain all records up to date for each employee. These include:

  1.  Amounts of salaries, bonuses and allowances paid.
  2. All the deductions and contributions related to income tax and Social Security throughout the whole period of their employment.

E&S Group’s expert team can assist you with meeting  the payroll requirements in an efficient, cost-effective and accurate manner. Our experience and expertise, built over the last years, as well as a dedicated team of professionals allow us to deliver excellent service to our clients. these range various industries including  iGaming, aviation, shipping, financial services, retail, marketing, consulting, etc.  We also offer tax related, consultancy and legal services relating to Payroll.


Our assistance can start from review of employment contracts and its terms. We will also obtain of a PE number for an employee, which is mandatory in Malta. Finally we can also assist in obtaining a social security number and ID card. If required,  we can assist in obtainign of a work permit (Single Permit) to regularize residential and employment status of a foreign employee in Malta. Basically, we can help you in all the related submissions to a number of Authorities. Doing so you are sure that an employee’s status is compliant with the local regulations and requirements.


E&S Group’s expert team can assist in monthly payroll calculation, generation, and transfer of the salaries payable. These naturally  include allowances, bonuses, Government bonuses and required deductions. We will  sendthe Social Security and Tax deductions to the tax department on behalf of the clients. Furthermore, we can include calculation of annual and sick leave allowance and any other related services in accordance with the client’s needs.Additionally, should there be any changes in the employment contract, at any stage of employment, our legal team can review any change the contract’s terms. This ensures  changes correctly are in compliance and accordance with the local employment  laws and regulations. In the view of various residential programs now being available to foreigners through employment, we will ensure that the calculations and required deductions are made in accordance with the Program’s requirements and specifics.


In the case of termination of employment, there are a number of requirements and guidelines to be followed. These include that the termination is made in accordance with the local regulations, which our dedicated team can assist with and guide through accordingly, from both, payroll and legal points of view. We will assist with submission of all the required termination forms to the relevant Authorities, processing of the last salary, including remaining annual leave calculations and Government bonuses. Furthermore, our legal team can assist with possible legal implications of termination or dismissal to ensure that the process is efficient and smooth.


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