Corporate Governance is an important aspect that often overlooked by Companies. Having said that, Management should focus on their core business. E&S are thus geared up to provide an exhaustive list of Management services to our clients.  Based out of Malta, E&S holds various offices for Local and international Companies.

Board member

Furthermore, we can add depth to the knowledge pool of a company by accepting a role on the board of directors. Through our vast financial, legal and business knowledge, we will be in a position to contribute to the success of the company. Substance is very important in today’s taxation environment. Thus, having Maltese directors on board further strengthens the local substance of the company.Company Secretary

The appointment of a company secretary is obligatory for Maltese Companies. This, however,  should not  be seen as  an unnecessary extra cost.  Such  role is very important to ensure good corporate Governance. The basic duties of a company secretary in Malta are to keep registers and filing of documentation and returns. The company secretary keeps minutes of meetings as well as

Effective Management of a Malta Company

It is vital that key decisions by the board are taken in Malta. This is because certain jurisdiction decide to tax if they deem management and control is being carried out there. Luckily, Malta has a vast network of Double taxation treaties which regulate such matters. Thus achieving this is no great feat. This can be done simply by holding regular board meetings in Malta.


At E&S, we are able to offer all kinds of bespoke management solutions to our clients. Therefore, being it basic Malta Corporate Secretarial service or  Malta office management, we will manage your Company Management needs.

We also provide assistance to clients to find office Space in Malta. We are also able to assist client in their recruitment drive  payroll preperation for a Malta Company.

Management services offered include:

Are you looking to organising an events in and out in Malta? From conferences to  booking a boardroom  for the Malta Company Management meeting, we will assist you in all your requirements.

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