Malta iGaming

Determination of the local authorities to develop the iGaming industry resulted in the pro-active approach to ensuring efficiency, transparency and effective regulation of the iGaming in Malta. This makes Malta one of the most attractive EU jurisdictions to establish an iGaming business in and obtain a license from the local authority- the Malta Gaming Authority. Malta became a  gaming hub offering stability and attractive regulatory environment for this sector to flourish.

Malta is the first EU Member State  to propose comprehensive legislation of remote gaming. Furthermore, a Malta gaming licence is well perceived and respected around the world due to its transparent, efficient and at the same time effective regulations being in place.



The gaming regulatory framework developed by the Maltese authorities provides for several innovative incentives.

Malta gaming regulatory framework is designed in a way that welcomes new businesses as well as talent. There are a number of incentives in place which are available to employees in the iGaming industry, which may offer (subject to satisfying certain criteria) reduced  income tax rates, exemptions on income derived from patents, refunds on dividends and double taxation relief, apart from all the advantages linked to the free movement of goods and services within the EU.

Expats who also wish to relocate to Malta can benefit from various residency programs, which our team can advise on in accordance with the client’s profile to ensure the maximum efficiency of the client’s stay and employment in Malta.

Other initiatives include a Company Re-domiciliation Act that further serves to enhance Malta’s appeal, as does a very favorable Participation Holding Exemption regime.

Furthermore, Malta gaming taxes in particular are also among most competitive in the world.



Currently the iGaming regulation is being revisited to ensure further growth, developments, as well as elimination of unnecessary bureaucracy.

The number of licensees, both local and overseas, operating under a Maltese gaming license is continually increasing indicating constant development of the Malta iGaming industry. This, besides providing sound legislative framework, advanced technical capability and relatively low labor cost also attracts a lot of talent from overseas creating a diverse working and living environment.

A consistent approach to regulation, together with the launch of Gaming Malta and the Gaming Academy, will ensure that Malta will continue to be considered by the gaming industry as a center of excellence –both as a gaming jurisdiction as well as a dynamic economic hub for iGaming and its ancillary services.

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