Investment Services License – Malta

Looking to set up a license Investment Services company in Malta?  Investment Services are licensed by Malta authorities due to specifics of the industry. We at E&S are equipped to provide assistance in the application process, submission and obtaining of various licenses for our clients in accordance with current regulations and requirements.

—The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) being the single regulator plays an essential role in the promotion of new business in Malta. One of the greatest forms of marketing tools by which the Authority manages to attract new business derives from recommendations from promoters who would have established a Fund or Fund Management company in Malta.

Malta Financial Services Authority – The Regulator of Investment Services Licensees

—The Authority’s amicable approach, timely response and efficiency rank the MFSA as a top class regulator ready to resolve and find the most appropriate solution to the needs of promoters. The MFSA’s policy is to encourage ongoing contact between the regulator and the promoter. In this manner Investment Management Companies are set up and licenced in a relatively short time, despite the rigorous screening process involved.

Categories of Malta Investment Services License:
  1. —Category 1 licence holders are authorised to receive and transmit orders in relation to one or more instrument and/or provide investment advice and/or place instruments without a firm commitment basis but not hold or control clients’ money or customers’ assets. (This category does not include managers of collective investment schemes.)—
  2. —Category 2 licence holders are authorised to provide any investment service and hold or control clients’ money or customers’ assets, but not to operate a multilateral trading facility or deal for their own account or place instruments on a firm commitment basis.—
  3. —Category 3 licence holders are authorised to provide any investment service and to hold and control clients’ money or customers.—
  4. —Category 4 licence holders are authorised to act as trustees or custodians of collective investment schemes.


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