Malta is a leading EU jurisdiction for internet and remote gaming operations. This achievement is largely due to a comprehensive regulatory framework and tax planning opportunities for online gaming operations.

Remote Gaming    

Internet and remote  based  casino  and  gaming  operations  require  a  special  licence  issued  by  the  Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). In brief, the application for a remote gaming licence is split into 3 sections as described in more detail below.  The application  procedure  mainly  involves  the  carrying out  of  a  know-you-client  procedures  by  the  MGA,  the submission  of  a  written application form to the MGA, submission of supporting documentation, the opening of a Maltese company (that will be the licensee) and a local bank account, the evaluation by the  MGA of technical matters relating to the proposed gaming activities, the certification of the gaming systems and other matters.

Licence Application Process

The application process was revised in June 2011 and is broadly split into 2 phases :

  • a pre-application phase whereby the  MGA  will  run  a  check  to ensure  the  application  is  correctly  developed  and  all  the  key elements are present. This is intended to expedite the licensing process; and
  • a second stage whereby applicants submit all the required information at one go. The MGA will assess whether the applicant is:
  • fit and proper’ to conduct gaming business
  • correctly prepared for a business strategy perspective
  • possesses the operational and statutory requirements to meet the legal obligations
  • has the required technical specifications in place


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