When running an ICO, one of the most important member of your team is your ICO Lawyer. This is not your usual lawyer. An ICO lawyer is part of a new breed of lawyers. An ICO Lawyer is someone who is able to be dynamic and proactive.  One that knows the business. One that understands the tokenomics of it all.

At E&S group we have always been that breed of Lawyers. Our ICO lawyers are first and foremost Blockchain Business Lawyers. We understand the dynamics behind the client’s business and assist the with setting up the ideal ICO Structure.

Getting us on board from concept stage is vital for the success of an ICO. An ICO Lawyer’s job is not solely the drafting of T&Cs. He would need to analyse the business and offering model. Too often we are approached by Founders whose successful Private placement is when reality dawns on them. They suddenly realise that they are on something and doubt starts creeping in on the legality of their offering. While it is usually not too late, it is naturally not an ideal situation to work in. Any small inaccuracy in your offering documents might expose you to huge risks. This fear of ruining a potentially successful project is why we say you need your lawyer from the beginning.

As your ICO Lawyers, we would be part of the white paper drafting, the marketing plan preparation and community strategy. In addition we would also assist in the KYC process.

An ICO lawyer is also vital when searching for banking solutions. At E&S we have established several banking relationship who embrace crypto and ICO launching companies. This is because we give them comfort on the conformity of the raise with respective laws.

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