Bookkeeping/Accounting Services – Malta

Having built a highly qualified and experienced team of Accounting professionals we understand the clients’ business needs, priorities and goals. We provide the highest quality Accounting service as well as ensure compliance with the local and international requirements.

Initial Bookkeeping/Accounting Services

From the moment your Malta Company is set up, we will introduce you to the Back Office Team. We will  assign a qualified accountant to you. This person will guide you from day 1 as to the steps required to maintain proper books. We will also review your documentation procedure as well as your invoicing. Suggestions will be made as to how to simplify (As that is our goal) procedures yet ensuring compliance. We will provide you with a list of documents we would require to complete the quarterly VAT returns. Your accounting contact will be available throughout the year to support you should you have any queries.

We move on to the time when the accounting work begins. We will contact you at least 1 month before the VAT return is due. Furthermore, contact is made 6 months before Financial Statements are due.

We schedule our bookkeeping jobs on a first come first serve basis. This means that the sooner you provide us with documents, the sooner we can start your accounts. We usually carry out an initial work exercise and get back to the client with questions. Following all clarifications, we can finalise your accounts up to Audit stage (for Malta Companies).

Types of Bookkeeping/Accounting services we provide

As discussed above, we are able to provide the full spectrum of accounting services. Most clients, as us to prepare the VAT returns and finalise their accounts up to Audit stage. Some clients however require more support. This is where our experience team comes to play. We can provide:

  • Monthly / Quarterly Management Accounts: Some clients, require regular updates on their accounting. This information is important for them to take strategic decisions. Others simply wish to get regular updates on the performance of their Company. This is why management accounts are an important tool in decision making. We do not only  provide a full set of management accounts but can help you in interpreting them.
  • Forecast Accounts: Budgeting is an important part of business decision making. Accounts usually show what has already happened. Whilst this information is useful, it does not assist management in taking future decisions. We will assist you in understanding the information  and we will prepare your forecast accounts.
  • VAT Accounting: Trading companies  need to prepare VAT accounts on a quarterly basis. You use these accounts  to complete and submit the VAT returns. We are also able to offer this service. Our VAT knowledge is such that we advise clients on various  aspects. This thus gives you the comfort that you VAT accounting happens correctly the first time round.
Quality accounting up to Audit

Our experienced and highly qualified accounting team provide a  comprehensive book-keeping and accounting service. This ensures assistance from the initial  book keeping  to the preparation of financial statements. Furthermore, through our reliable partners we are in a position to provide audit services as well. All of the above leaving you in safe and reliable hands throughout the life of your business operations.

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