At E&S, we strive to maximize our clients’ potential by assisting them in all aspects of their business. Banking is one industry where we have developed great relations as well as built a significant know-how. We are therefore able to introduce clients to various banking tailored to the specifics of their banking needs. Are you ready to open an account? Contact us on +356 20103020 or by mail at [email protected].

Malta Banks

Considering where to open an account? The Maltese banking system is considered to be one of the strongest in the world. Further corroboration to this fact is that it is more often than not ranked in the top 10 for banking financial stability. In fact,  Maltese banks had hardly been effected by the Financial crisis of 2007 that rocked the banking Sector across the world. There are several international and local banking institutions in Malta.  In light of the above, we always recommend the opening of Maltese bank accounts to clients. This holds true especially if a Malta Company is involved in the structure. There are a number of local and international banks in Malta. Each of these banks has its own area of expertise.

Banks in the EU and Non-EU

Certain clients prefer carrying out their banking operation from a country that they are more familiar to.  They would have various reasons for this, ranging from language to better knowledge of such Jurisdiction.  We are also able to offer various banking solutions both in the EU and Outside to clients.

We will direct you to which bank would most suit your requirements. Contact us on +356 20103020 or by mail at [email protected]