• "E&S - Your partner in Malta"
  • "E&S - A Unique Perspective"
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Welcome to E&S Consultancy LTD

About the Company

E&S – your partner in Malta

E&S Consultancy Limited is your trusted partner in Malta. You can have comfort of knowing that we at E&S are ‘Making things happen’ with the required foresight, skill and experience in our areas of practice as needed, requested and expected from all of our clients.

E&S – a Unique Perspective

E&S Consultancy Limited can assist you to structure your international business through Malta with a focus on Adding Value and Foresight allowing you to stay One Step Ahead. We at E&S give you a unique perspective with the exploration of complex, multi-jurisdictional structures which are only implemented once all aspects have been evaluated and analysed, giving you the required peace of mind.  



According to our experience E&S Consultancy team is made up of well-trained and skilled professionals who are always there to satisfy...

E&S assisted us with various transactions related to the expansion of our client's global structure. They have provided reliable tax...

Christian Ellul of E&S Consultancy has assisted us with advising on a number of transactions through Malta with particular tax driven...

Part of E&S’s success is based on client satisfaction and referrals from clients and our foreign associates and intermediaries,...